Top 5 Releases This Year

ARRI Signature Zooms

ARRI expanded their lens range with the large format Signature Zooms giving cinematographers more options when using cameras like the Alexa MINI LF or Sony VENICE. The range includes 4 zoom lenses designed as the perfect companions to the Arri Signature Primes with a high-end, ultra clean uniform look across the whole range. The new Signature Zooms cover a huge range of focal lengths starting at 16mm all the way to 300mm, which can be expanded further with the 1.7x extender.

Sony FX6 & 16-35mm Cine Servo Zoom

Sony expanded their cinema lineup with the Sony FX6, which offers a compact form factor and an excellent selection of 4K recording options including slow motion, built-in Electronic VariND and XLR inputs. This combination makes it perfect for corporate and documentary gigs, while the full-frame sensor is paired with the excellent hybrid autofocus system from the Sony alpha lineup. Sony also officially launched the 16-35mm Cine Servo Zoom, the first of a new lineup of autofocus capable zoom lenses for full-frame Sony cameras.

Sachtler Aktiv range

Just like they did with their Flowtech tripod technology, Sachtler reimagined the tripod head in 2020 with their new Aktiv heads. Available in three sizes, the Aktiv range features a unique speed level technology allowing camera operators to make level adjustments in seconds as well as change from a tripod to slider setups in a pinch. The Sachtler Aktiv heads support payloads up to 12kgs, which is plenty for modern pro camera setups with cameras like the C300 Mark III or Sony FX9.

Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Pro 12K

Blackmagic Design shocked the industry with their new URSA Mini Pro 12K digital cinema camera. Featuring a unique sensor design, the URSA 12K offers 4K, 8K, and 12K recording modes in Blackmagic RAW at various frame rates including 8K up to 120 frames per second giving cinematographers an enormous canvas to paint on. The camera is available only in PL mount and shares the body design with the popular URSA Mini Pro Gen 2.

Aputure Nova P300c

Aputure released their professional RGB LED panel – the Nova P300c, aiming at gaffers and cinematographers working in commercials, music videos and feature films. Featuring a rugged build and powerful soft light output, the Nova is set ready with full RGB color tunability with HSI control, state of the art light engine, over 300 industry standard gels and built-in DMX. Leading accessory manufacturers such as DoP Choice and Chimera have also announced a range of light modifiers, while the Sidus Link app makes it handy to control the Nova from your smartphone.