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The Blackmagic Design Cintel Scanner 2 with 35mm Gate is a self-contained 35mm film scanner that interfaces with DaVinci Resolve. It features a removable precision mechanical film gate, sticky rollers, optics, a high-intensity diffuse light source, and sensor. It is designed with an architectural aesthetic that allows it to neatly fit into most environments, yet takes up only a fraction of the size of a traditional telecine machine.

The Cintel scanner will scan negative and positive 35mm film into HD quality for instant preview of your 4K scans. This is the second generation of the scanner, which replaces the original scanner’s Thunderbolt 2 port with a Thunderbolt 3 port, as well as PCIe connection. The scanner is constructed using aircraft design techniques for a stiff and vibration-free main deck, so you get smooth film handling. The Cintel Scanner includes a 35mm film gate, film spools, a set of four cleaning rollers, desk mount feet, and DaVinci Resolve Studio software. The scanner interfaces directly with DaVinci Resolve, which gives you the power to edit film rolls back together, and scans to be color-graded, reframed, noise-reduced, and audio-extracted. An optional 16mm gate and audio/keycode reader expands the capabilities of your scanner

Scanner Features
Film Stocks Print, Negative, Interpositive, Internegative.
Mono and Color.
Film Gauges 35mm (2, 3, 4 perforations) Super 35mm (2, 3, 4 perforations)
16mm, Super 16mm
Native Resolution 4096 x 3072
Effective Resolutions 3840 x 2880 – Super 35
3390 x 2864 – Standard 35
3390 x 2465 – Anamorphic 35
1903 x 1143 – Super 16
1581 x 1154 – Standard 16
HDMI Formats 3840 x 2160 Ultra HD
1920 x 1080 HD
(Auto selected to match monitor resolution)
Audio Extraction from scanned image.
Dirt and Scratch Reduction Diffuse light sources. Cleaning rollers.
Mounting Options Wall Mount. Desk Mount (with included stand)
Transport Features
Continuous Motion Run speed:
1 – 30 fps
1 – 100 fps (35mm)
1 – 200 fps (16mm)
Acceleration 5 – 30 fps/s
Film Shrinkage Tolerance Up to 2 % guaranteed, more may be possible if user care is taken.
Capacity 2000 ft
HDMI Video Output 1 x HDMI 1.4 10-bit 4:2:2 for preview purposes only.
Computer Interface Thunderbolt 2 port for capture of image and audio.
Options Interface Programmable sync output.
Balanced line level Analog Audio in
AES Digital Audio in
Power Requirements
Voltage Range 90 – 240V AC
Power 200W
Physical Specifications
Width 79.13 in
Height 34.64 in
Depth 14.17 in
Weight 132 lb
Ideal Film Conditions
Operating Temperature 18 – 28C
Relative Humidity Maximum 65% non – condensing