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    Blackmagic MultiView 4

    Monitor any combination of SD, HD and Ultra HD sources all on the same screen, at the same time!

    Blackmagic MultiView 4 is a multi viewer that lets you monitor 4 completely independent SDI video sources on a single display! Featuring 4 6G-SDI inputs with full re-synchronization, MultiView 4 lets you monitor any combination of SD, HD and Ultra HD video formats and frame rates all at the same time. Blackmagic MultiView 4 can output to both 1080 HD and 2160p Ultra HD displays so you connect it to either regular HD or Ultra HD televisions. If you connect an Ultra HD television or monitor, you can take advantage of the extra resolution of Ultra HD and see full resolution 1920 x 1080 HD in each view for incredible sharpness! You can even turn on audio meter overlays, custom labels and more in each view!

    20,000 EGP
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    Blackmagic Universal Videohub 288

    Build your own 3 Gb/s SDI and optical fiber router!

    Rack frame lets you add up to 72 BNC SDI or optical fiber SDI interfaces plus a single 72 x 72 or dual 288 x 288 crosspoint cards and up to two power cards. Add a single crosspoint for affordability, or add dual crosspoint and power cards for full redundancy. Includes removable fan tray and fans.

    20,000 EGP
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    Blackmagic Web Presenter

    Now you can make any professional SDI and HDMI video source appear as a USB webcam for high-quality streaming on the internet!

    Blackmagic Web Presenter makes any SDI or HDMI video source appear as a USB webcam for higher quality web streaming using software such as Skype or streaming platforms such as YouTube Live, Facebook Live,, Periscope and more! Blackmagic Web Presenter includes 12G-SDI and HDMI inputs, an XLR microphone input, HiFi audio input, and Teranex quality down conversion for converting any SD, HD or Ultra HD video source to 720p for easy, low data rate, high quality streaming. Plus, Blackmagic Web Presenter can even live switch programs using its built in 2 input production switcher if you add the optional Teranex Mini Smart Panel!

    20,000 EGP
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    j5create JCD348 USB Type-C 5-in-1 UltraDrive Mini Dock

    j5create JCD348 USB™ Type-C 5-in-1 UltraDrive Mini Dock

    • USB 3.0 Type-A port x 3, backwards compatible with USB 2.0
    • USB 3.0 memory card slots for an external memory card up to 2 TB
    • No software or drivers required
    • Plug-and-play


    990 EGP 980.00 EGP
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    j5create JCD386 USB-C 7-in-1 UltraDrive Mini Dock


    • USB-C™ power delivery 3.0 provides charging power to the connected devices
    • Easily add a 4K HDMI™ display
    • USB™ 3.1 Gen 1 provides up to 5 Gbps transfer rate, which is 10x faster than USB™ 2.0
    • Memory card supports up to 2 TB of storage
    • Plug-and-play, no driver installation is required
    • LED activity indicator
    1,899 EGP 1,870 EGP
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    j5create JCD388 USB Type-C UltraDrive Mini Dock 6-in-1

    j5create JCD388 USB Type-C™ UltraDrive Mini Dock 6-in-1

      The JCD388 USB-C™ 6-in-1 UltraDrive Mini Dock™ provides extra connectivity from your computer. These pocket-sized UltraDrive Docks allow you to add an additional USB 3.1, SD, microSD, HDMI monitor through your USB port. The USB Type-C port supports upstream & downstream charging, power delivery 3.0 and data transfer. When connected with a power source, the USB Type-C input charging port allows you to keep charging your notebook or smartphone.

    • USB 3.0 Type-A port x 2
    • USB-Cport x 1 (upstream & downstream charging, power delivery 3.0 and data transfer supported_
    • SD/microSD slots for an external memory card up to 2 TB


    1,399 EGP 1,320 EGP
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    j5create JCH346 USB-C 4-Port Hub

    • • Compliant with USB 3.1 Gen 1 with a data rate of up to 5 Gbps.
    • • USB 3.0 SuperSpeed – 10 times faster transfer rate.
    • • Backward compatible with USB 3.0/2.0/1.1 specifications
    • • Supports upstream charging and Power Delivery 2.0
    • • Plug-and-play and hot-swap compatible
    • • Elegant aluminium housing
    1,199 EGP 1,100 EGP
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    j5create JUD481 USB 3.0 Boomerang Station

    j5create JUD481 USB™ 3.0 Boomerang Station

    • Full 1080p resolution
    • USB 3.0 host connection
    • USB 3.0 charging connection x2
    • Gigabit Ethernet connection
    • VGA connection
    • Audio connection
    • Microphone connection
    • HDMI connection
    • USB 3.0 connection x2
    • Use up to 6 adapters with Windows®
    • Use up to 4 adapters with Mac®
    • Solid aluminium construction
    • Simple, easy to use and install
    2,899 EGP 2,640 EGP
  • -1%

    j5create JUD531 Mini Ultra Station

    j5create JUD531 Mini Ultra Station

    • Turn your laptop into a full-sized workstation through a single USB 3.0 cable
    • • Connect a keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, USB device, Gigabit Ethernet, etc.
    • • Multi-angle for notebook placement
    • • Dual HDMI/VGA individual display output
    • • Mac® and Windows® compatible
    2,899 EGP 2,860 EGP
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    j5create JUE130 USB3.0 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

    • Quickly add a Gigabit Ethernet port through USB 3.0
    • USB 3.0 plug-and-play and backwards compatible with USB 2.0/1.1
    • Transfer all your files almost instantly over a true Gigabit network
    • IEEE 802.3, 802.3u and 802.3ab (1BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, and 1000BASE-T) compatible
    • USB bus-powered
    • Compatible with Windows® and macOS®
    • Activity and Link LED indicators
    999 EGP 935 EGP
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    SmartView 4K 2

    Elegant machined metal full resolution Ultra HD broadcast monitor with 12G-SDI for SD, HD and Ultra HD support up to 2160p60!

    The world’s first full resolution Ultra HD broadcast monitor with multi rate 12G-SDI, an extremely bright display with wide viewing angle, plus advanced broadcast features like 3D LUT support, H/V delay, blue only, adjustable frame guides and more! SmartView 4K 2 is compatible with all SD, HD and Ultra HD formats up to 2160p60. With both AC and DC power connections, SmartView 4K 2 can be used in broadcast studios or on set.

    20,000 EGP

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