ATEM Switchers 8.6.2 Update

ATEM Switchers 8.6.2 Update which adds Videohub Protocol to ATEM Constellation 8K, meaning you can now use Videohub Smart Control Pro and Videohub Master Control Pro for switching ATEM Constellation 8K’s inputs to its outputs. This will allow producers, directors, or engineers to switch sources to output on ATEM Constellation 8K for their own monitoring without affecting the program switching or broadcast.

This update also adds ND filter control to ATEM Camera Control Panel so that when you’re working with Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro you will have full control of the camera’s electronic ND filter. This will give you more precise control over adjustments to the exposure of your images.

Also for ATEM Camera Control Panel, two new settings, pivot, and tint, have been added, giving you the ability to get the best image in varying lighting conditions. In addition, the settings on shutter angle are now variable meaning you will be able to make more exact adjustments to create flicker-free images.

Zoom and focus controls are now more precise giving you greater lens and iris control. Finally, with camera type selection, you can now select which Blackmagic Design camera is connected to each of the ATEM Camera Control Panel inputs. This means that when you adjust controls such as lift, gamma, and gain they will reflect the range of that specific camera.ATEM Switchers 8.6.2 Update is available now as a free download from